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It all started with a Hammond. At 18 years of age, Marty Beaton, founder of MGB Backline, experienced love at first sight... and sound.

He bought his first vintage C3 organ, quite simply, because he appreciated the sweet sounds he heard from this legendary masterpiece. No, he wasn’t an organist or a pianist. Guitar was his thing. But he loved, and still loves, all-things-music... and that Hammond had made its mark on him. A Fender Rhodes followed... then a Wurlitzer. I’m sure you get the picture.

By the time he was in his late-twenties, his appreciation (some, namely his wife, would say his obsession) with old-school backline pieces resulted in an incredibly vast and impressive collection.

Marty, an electrician by trade and owner of MGB Productions (a company he founded in 1999), was providing first-class electrical services throughout Sydney. Despite full books, a highly-successful portfolio and a team of staff, Marty made it a priority to find time for his “extra-curricular work” - organising music backline for large, world-recognised organisations, including conferences and concerts with audiences of over 20,000 people.

As word spread that Marty had access to heroic pieces, the demand for hire increased. His equipment stockpile, combined with years of experience (he first volunteered to handle backline requests with several organisations at the age of 15) and requests from commendable industry heavyweights to set up shop, meant it was inevitable Marty would end up throwing himself into the music industry on a full-time basis. In 2008, Marty put down the tools and the conduit. Yes, it was time to make it official. MGB Backline was born.

Because Marty already had a phenomenal reputation, the bookings came thick and fast. New premises were found, and so were endless opportunities to bring something never-before-seen-or-experienced to this area of the industry. Marty listened to what had previously been missing with other backline providers and became the answer that musicians, audio suppliers and tour managers had been looking for. His sought-after gear, his knowledge, his go-the-extra-mile attitude and his values established him as the most in-demand backline company in Sydney, in record time. Just ask Paul Simon, Sting, Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey and Katy Perry - to list just a few in the species known as “celebs” - how good MGB Backline’s gear and service is!

Today, MGB Backline continues to be a thriving industry-leader for musical instrument and equipment hire in Australia. Marty and his team are proud of what they have built and consider it nothing but joy to do what they do, whilst meeting the needs of music industry giants.

Do yourself a favour, find the freedom you’re looking for and rest easy at your next gig... contact Marty and his team today to partner with THE best in backline.


Marty is our visionary, founder, leader and Mr Boss Man. He's served the music industry for over 25 years and is a walking-Wikipedia when it comes to music gear. Marty has a phenomenal reputation across Sydney for integrity and expertise.
Marty Beaton
Owner & Founder
Alex is our Right Hand Man, 2IC and Operations guru. Having run his own small business, Alex joined our team for a new adventure and we’re so glad he did! When he’s not playing bass, Alex is on the soccer field, although he’s adamant it’s called Football.
Alex Border
Operations Manager
Jack is a living legend. His loyalty is one of his greatest assets, and we’re stoked that he has been with us from the early days. His guitar skills are one thing but his ability to chat is another… he’ll look you straight in the eyes and talk for hours about any given topic.
Jack Hilson
Backline Tech
Sam loves coffee, loves food, loves live music, loves writing, loves roaming Sydney streets and loves taking selfies whilst roaming those Sydney streets. He’s been part of our team since the beginning and we just wouldn’t be the same without him.
Sam O'Donnell
Backline Tech
Ian makes us smile. Yep, it’s true. Fun, perky and always the centre of attention. He loves nothing more than a good bit of dance music to get down and boogie to. Ian plays the lyre like a triumphant troubadour, that or guitar… sometimes we can’t tell.
Ian Sullivan
Backline Tech
Ben is our resident music student, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, known for his soulful creations. When not being the ultimate backline tech, you’ll find him performing his music in venues and bars across Sydney, with his sights set on Nashville.
Ben Edgar
Backline Tech
Daryl is master of the perfect hair flick, not to mention the teeny-tiny fact that he studied at some place called the Australian Institute of Music. When he’s not blowing your mind with his bass and drumming skills, he’s being a coffee snob and, therefore, fits right in.
Daryl Chin
Backline Tech

What people say?

Marty is an absolute master of pulling rabbits out of hats for me! Being the events industry, there's ALWAYS last minute requests and Marty has always come through for us - no matter if it's a simple guitar amp or a grand piano which needs to travel up a flight of stairs. Prices are great, service is exceptional, - highly recommended!

Sanity Music Conference

What people say?

I prefer MGB Backline over any other supplier as the equipment is the highest quality, service is great and the price is right.

Glebe Street Fair

What people say?

Their gear is in immaculate condition - all of it, even the flight cases! Great service and very reliable.

Darcy Cook

What people say?

Oh, he makes things easy! With Marty, I know that I don't have to worry about anything. If he says he'll do something, he'll do it. He's reliable, and he goes above and beyond what is asked of him.


What people say?

I have relied on MGB Backline for backline and DJ equipment for events of every size and scale across Australia. MGB Backline is undoubtedly the absolute leader in terms of the best quality gear and unparalleled service. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marty and his team to anyone, regardless of whether it’s for a small corporate event, a big party in Thredbo or a stage on the harbour for Sydney's New Years Eve celebrations!

Darren Chait (Production Manager of City of Sydney NYE, Private & Corporate Functions)

What people say?

MGB Backline have proven over the years to provide an efficient, professional and above-all-else reliable service in their field. The team understand their craft, in particular the requirements of performers, production companies and events of all formats.

Nick Macfie (Director, Production Technologies)

What people say?

I am the Backline/Guitar Tech for The Sweet from UK. We used your gear on our recent Oz tour in March. I would like to say that the gear was in first-class condition and it was a pleasure to use your company and it's services. We had requested a vintage amp (JCM 800 2204 MK2, Serial No. 10746P)… not only did you get it but it also rocked! We are booked to headline Rock The Boat out of Sydney in October and have requested that we use your company. I have sent them all your details and said you are the best!

Adam Booth (The Sweet)

What people say?

We have used MGB Backline on numerous occasions to supply our backline requirements and have always found their equipment and service delivery to be of the highest standard.

Michael Wilkie (Director, Coda Audio Services Pty Ltd)

What people say?

We have been using MGB Backline for several years now and their equipment and service is unrivalled in their field. All of their gear is absolutely first class and very well packaged to protect it. It gives you confidence to know that it will work as it is supposed to. My business does a lot of corporate work where presentation of gear and crew is very important. MGB Backline have fantastic crew members and they are presentable to clients which is essential in the work we do. Marty and the crew at MGB Backline are very good at what they do, and are great guys as well! It makes working with MGB Backline a satisfying experience every time. I would not look anywhere else for my backline gear as I know that they are the best!

Brendan Sadgrove (Director, Innovative Production Services)

What people say?

I just played at Channel 9 with the 2CELLOS. The Yamaha kit and Zildjian cymbals you provided were excellent - and the tech! Thanks a zillion!

John Mahon (Elton John Band)

What people say?

You are perfect!

Sean Lee (Hotmix Audio)

What people say?

I have always found Marty, his team and his backline equipment to be excellent. It’s always a pleasure to deal with MGB Backline.

Live Nation - Twenty One Pilots

What people say?

Everything was great and delivered at a professional level. The in-house crew at CarriageWorks were happy to see your gear supplied as they recommend MGB Backline!

Open Frame - Room40 Annual Festival of Sound and Media

What people say?

Always great gear, always reliable and great service.

Hayden Vassallo (Tech, Cold Chisel)

What people say?

Makes getting backline easy. Top guys to deal with and with all the right gear. Plus, the equipment is kept in immaculate condition

Rob Cartwright (Production and Event Manager, Dextrus)

What people say?

Excellent service throughout the transaction. Many thanks!

David Carter - (Principal and Sound Engineer, Econosound)

What people say?

Easy from start to finish. Good guys, good equipment, good service.

Psyfari Festival - Illawarra Production Services

What people say?

MGB Backline were professional and efficient. They gave me peace of mind and I thoroughly recommend their services to others.

Chatswood Street Fair

What people say?

Good gear, good price and great flexibility in terms of gear across multiple weeks.

Mark Williamson (Spring Carnival at ATC)

What people say?

MGB were friendly, super flexible and extremely reliable. I would recommend them 100%.

Roman Krznaric - Megan Sheehy

What people say?

Excellent as always. Great, well-maintained gear in excellent condition, logistically sound - Highly recommended.

Dan Nash (FOH/TM, Mansionair)

What people say?

The helpfulness and service provided by the staff was excellent.

Songhoy Blues Concert (City Recital Hall)

What people say?

We use Marty at MGB Backline for loads of our additional backline requirements. He's always got a good stock of both mainstream and hard-to-find items with good, competitive prices and a great can-do attitude.

Neale Mace (Director/Owner, Entertainment Installations)




We remain unchanged in our achievement and action of personhood, behaviour, processes and service. Our consistency is forefront so that both clients and teammates experience trustworthiness, reliability and confidence each and every time they deal with us.


Good enough isn’t. We deliver the highest degree of excellence and distinction in the latest products, scheduled maintenance and sought-after brands, ultimately adding value to all involved, for the long term.


We are dedicated to outworking our Vision, Mission and Values in order that everyone succeeds. We choose to pour in effort, energy and enthusiasm with the goal of spurring on our current and future team members and clients.


“You have been treated generously, so live generously.” This will be fortified through words, time, financial means and praise. We value productivity and abundance because we have a long-standing goal to be able to “give at every opportunity”.

Personal Growth

We carve out time to pursue growth and learning in order to encourage innovation, positive change and momentum. We build with heart and balance. We resolve by instigating change.


We are better together. We are open and honest, edifying and united. We are all leaders and encouragers, doing whatever it takes to bring awesomeness. We prioritise a positive team and family spirit. We refuse to play the blame game, but own our responsibilities and actions. We play as a team and we win as a team.


We will continue to be known for our honesty and strong moral principles and uprightness. We stand for truth and I always speak the truth, decency and good character. We only every make agreements that we are willing to outwork. What we promise we will deliver.


We exude radical energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of providing kick-ass products and inspiring contributions to the music industry and beyond.


We remain committed to introducing and originating creative ideas for positive change in our organisation. We will also provide the framework and systems for implementing them.


To bring awesomeness to every experience.


Our mission goes beyond our products. Way beyond. And, we’re proud of what we do and how we do it. We’ve built, and continue to build, a culture of integrity. Consistency. Goodwill. Cool vibes. Laughter. We’re about the latest and greatest music instruments as well as those legendary, sweet old-school favourites and vintage pieces. We’re about personal engagement and listening to our clients, so that we deliver THE wow factor in service. We’re about giving everything we’ve promised, and then some. Yes, we’re about surpassing expectations. Punctuality. Being on top of our game. At the forefront of industry knowledge. We’re about going beyond our four walls to partner with not-for-profit organisations in our community. We play our part in lending a helping hand because life is, indeed, about others. We’re about caring for the little things that are important to every ONE we work with because, at the end of the day, we want every ONE to love working with us. And, just quietly, why wouldn’t they want to partner with the very best of the best in backline…

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